There are a variety of really fun new games coming to the Oculus Rift, of which Stormland remains the most highly anticipated despite the arrival of Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky. For sure, both games are sure to dazzle audiences. Read about what else is coming to the Rift soon.


A small number of developers is becoming really great at creating superb VR games in the early days of this technology, and Stormland by Insomniac Games is an example. In this game, the Tempest destroys a humble gardener’s android body. After lying still for centuries, they have to traverse an ever-changing cloudscape, altering themselves to become a heroic fighter and save the world. Stormland combines constantly changing settings with open-world game design and rare technologies.

Lone Echo 2

Lone Echo 1 was the first big VR game Ready at Dawn made, and it is still seen as a hallmark example of what a next-level VR AAA game is truly capable of. Great news for Oculus Rift owners – developers are working on the second version of Lone Echo, which is expected to arrive later this year. The developer has now delivered three amazing VR experiences, with the fourth coming soon in the form of Lone Echo II.


The developers of Duck Season and Hover Junkers recently unveiled Boneworks, heralded as the next major step in VR. The game appears to be mainly built around the notion that realism is grounded in physics. In other words, the more realistic VR game physics are, the more “real” the game feels. It’s like being transported to another world. Stress Level Zero created this game mainly to test how far they could push the envelope in interaction with weapons, ladders platforms, and other, stranger things. How many things you can manipulate manually is another key with immersion. Boneworks could be one of the first games to take advantage of Knuckles controllers to the fullest.

Population One

At first, it may seem like the name of this game was given randomly, but that’s far from the truth. The name is owed to the fact that the setting is just 1 square km, which the player explores and loots. To gain a tactical advantage, you must climb tall structures. You travel across expansions, glide into the battle, and surprise your enemies. Design and construction of your fortresses offers endless strategies. You can play in a team or solo.

We hope you enjoy these games and lots more coming up on the Oculus Rift in 2019!