Early adopters will be happy to know there are some big changes coming up this year. Years ago, rumors surfaced that we’d have bendable smartphones soon. This year, they are finally fact: the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show featured such devices. One is even on sale currently in spite of criticism by early adopters as to the ability of bendable phones to make apps work well.

Virtual Reality

The area of VR is where most of the entertainment is to be expected. In the US alone, about 10 million people currently use VR headsets relatively often. However, those users tend to complain about the quality and weight of their headsets. Lighter headsets with higher-quality imaging are currently being developed. After all, the easier they are to wear, the more likely they are to become popular with a wider audience.

Limited Graphical Horsepower

Each frame in VR games will be rendered twice, so high-end video hardware will be needed. It will be possible to support platforms right from the get-go with designs that do not require large, complicated worlds and environments that can otherwise be rendered on lower end devices more easily.


Generally, your brain adapts to VR pretty swiftly, but not easily. It emerges that motion sickness is actually an issue. At first, you might get a bit nauseous. Developers are working on avoiding this by creating games that limit situations of visual divergence between the user’s real head and their virtual head. In other words, players will get sick when they see their body floating through space but don’t actually experience the motion. It’s a work in progress.

Next-Generation Smartwatches

The community of early adopters is abuzz with news of smartwatches that go above and beyond fitness tracking. The next generation of smartwatches will act as high-tech sleep trackers and may be able to monitor relatively common, yet unpleasant conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. Omron showcased the HeartGuide at CES 2019, a watch that can measure your blood pressure.

Banking and Fintech

The finance sector increasingly interacts with early adopters who are ready and willing to test out new technologies. Citi introduced Canvas, a beta testing community designed with the ideas, needs, experiences, and desires of everyday people in mind. The community of early adopters is key to innovation when it comes to banking. Its influence has brought about many of the everyday banking changes all users have come to rely on.